The position of editor consists of assembling and editing footage, music, sound and graphics into a high quality audio-visual product.

* Application deadline is April 30, 2015:

Job no. 5 Editor                                                                    



•  Liaise with director and production manager to deliver footage, other relevant content that enables editor to meet deadlines.

•  Provide and monitor training for trainees and volunteers.

•  Liaise with production manager and director to resolve, grievances with staff, trainees and volunteers.

•  Apply and monitor health and safety procedures.

•  Rent, hire and monitor editing supplies, including equipment, production space and studio rentals, in consultation with Chair.

•  Evaluate project stages of completion.

Ideal Candidate

•  Mad editing skills. Considerable experience and credits;

•  Ability to do good graphics;

•  Owns or has good access to broadcast standard editing gear;

•  Reliable and works to deadline;

•  Skilled music and voice over editor;

•  Affordability.

Additional competences

•  Reliable, responsible and dependable in fulfilling obligations;

•  Willingness to take and offer creative opinions and directions;

•  Self-control—ability to maintaining composure in very difficult situations;

•  Rigour in completing work tasks to deadline;

•  High stress tolerance levels.


Lines of Communication:

The editor’s position is accountable to the director and ultimately to the chair. The post is expected to liaise with director, camera operator, trainees and volunteers.



•  Full-time equivalent post. Editor will be expected to work some late nights and week-ends.

•  Fees negotiable

•  Application deadline April 30, 2015


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